Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Palty Hair Dye Review and Instructions

So, I decided it was time for a change with my hair. Against my mom's pleads, I decided to dye my hair. But going to an expensive salon was out of the question, so I dropped my Mitsuwa and picked up some Palty hair dye in the color of Pure Natural. 

As a Chinese girl, I couldn't understand one bit of the Japanese instructions. I had to check it up online which wasn't hard to find at all. Even in that case, I'll put the steps right here!
1. There were 5 things in the box in total; a bottle of oxide water (labeled in English), a tube of hair dye, a cap for the bottle of oxide water with a comb on top, package of conditioner, and gloves.
2. First, put on the gloves for your own sake.
3. Uncap the bottle of oxide water and the tube of hair dye and squeeze the hair dye into the bottle of the water. Really get it all out, the more color, the better, right? Shake it until its foamy.
4. Replace the original cap of the oxide water with the comb-cap.
Alright! You're ready to start dying your hair!
5. Take the bottle which originally only contained the water, and with the comb, basically comb your hair while squeezing out the dye in the places you want to. The comb makes it incredibly easier for doing this!
6. Make sure to get all your roots, in my opinion, that's the most important part.
7. After you're done with your whole head, wait 30-40 minutes until washing your hair again. 
To be honest, there was not a lot of information about the washing. What I did was, I didn't actually take a shower, I just put my head under the faucet and used cold water and put the conditioner in, then let it wash out. 
8. Be smart, unlike me! Wait 48 hours until you wash your hair again. I'm a swimmer, and had to do it right in the morning which wasn't even 12 hours. However the dye was quite cooperative, and the color did not wash away TOO much.

Remember, on virgin black hair like mine, the color will CERTAINLY not be the color on the box. You would need to buy like 6 boxes to get that color and that's some serious damage. It's not incredibly different but after I dyed it, most people asked me about it which meant it was pretty noticeable. 

Yes I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try it! It's perfect for beginners and gives it a nice Asian tone. This is a 4 and a half out of 5. The one thing that could be a little better, is that since it IS a Japanese product, they should know to add a little bleach in because of our naturally dark hair. 

This is an after picture under some lighting. I don't have a before, I'm sorry! But just picture some very average non-dyed  black hair for an Asian. 


  1. have you ever tried liese? im scared its gonna damage my hair haha

  2. haha noo i havent ever tried liese, but if you don't want to damage your hair, i heard that palty is one of the best brands that doesn't dry out your hair a lot.